JCB pioneered the backhoe loader in 1953.

Since then, we’ve remained the market leader, inventing features like 4WD and the side-shift chassis. As you’d expect, the 3DX continues this tradition, delivering class-leading productivity, comfort and fuel savings.



  • World’s number one manufacturer of Backhoe Loaders
  • Class-leading productivity
  • Low operating and maintenance cost
  • Built to last
  • Excellent serviceability
  • Ergonomic and easy to operate


Ultimate Versatility

  • The JCB 3DX Backhoe Loader is the most versatile construction machine you can buy. It combines the key benefits of both loading shovels and excavators – it’s effectively two machines in one package.
  • JCB 3DX is designed to drive around sites, drive between sites, and then drive home at the end of the day.

Operator Station

  • Ergonomic operator station with fully adjustable deluxe seat
  • Large, easy to access platform allows plenty of leg room in every operating position.
  • The braking system provides optimal machine control while roading or traveling between sites.
  • Dedicated lockable storage provides operator with ample storage space.


  • Narrow-profile boom and dipper are fitted for superb visibility when conducting excavation work.
  • Efficient hydraulic system provides big tearout forces—perfect for hard ground and arduous digging.
  • The 3DX Super is supremely productive with an unrivalled bucket tearout force of 5700 kgf even in the hardest applications.
  • Standard 0.18m3 (600mm wide) bucket with hard wearing replaceable teeth and sidecutters.
  • 4-ram parallel lift loader arms and sloping bonnet line provide great visibility to the front shovel.
  • Formidable shovel breakout forces of 6010 kgf
  • Fit with standard 1.0m3 GP shovel

Cost of Ownership

  • The 3DX Super is designed to provide a combination of increased productivity and reduced fuel consumption.
  • Only proven, reliable components are fitted to provide maximum up-time and productivity for increased production output.
  • Extended service intervals for fluids and filters translate to lower cost of maintenance.
  • A 128-litre fuel tank allows all-day working without refueling.

Ease of Maintenance

  • Full opening bonnet provides easy engine access so that daily checks and refuelling can be done at ground level.
  • Large fuel pre-filters and a water-separator help keep contaminates out of the fuel system.
  • Air filter is regularly cleaned by the engines own exhaust system.