The JCB 116D is a soil compactor that’s designed first and foremost to give you ultimate productivity. Equipped with an innovative DIESELMAX engine, it provides reduced life cycle costs and fuel consumption. But that’s not all. It’s also designed and built to be as robust as possible in order to maximise productivity and uptime.

When servicing is needed, it’s quick and easy to perform. And the 116D is also an extremely ergonomic soil compactor that allows operators to perform the job efficiently and in all-day comfort.



  • Designed to keep operators comfortable and fresh for increased productivity
  • High front weight ratio with heavy-duty dynamic vibration system
  • Safe on site, easy to service and well protected against harm
  • Class-leading 256kN dynamic centrifugal force; 1.8mm amplitude
  • Built using tried and trusted designs for ultimate reliability
  • Unique maintenance-free centre joint design


Productivity Maximised

The JCB 116D soil compactor achieves maximum compaction performance through its combination of high front weight ratio and a heavy-duty dynamic vibration system.

A static linear load of over 30kg/cm plus class-leading 256kN of dynamic centrifugal force plus a high amplitude of 1.8mm equals class-leading compaction performance.

JCB’s 444 engine produces peak torque at just 2000rpm. This makes the 116D an extremely efficient soil compactor, with a very low noise level of just 104 dB.

With the optional padfoot (PD) shell kit for added versatility, the JCB 116D can be used either as a smooth drum machine for granular and non-cohesive materials, or as a padfoot machine for sticky, clay-type soils.

Quality, Reliability and Durability

All JCB soil compactors are subjected to a rigorous two-hour hot test to ensure they’re ready for trouble-free use from day one.

Advanced manufacturing and assembly processes are used to ensure maximum quality components and precision fit.

The robust maintenance-free centre joint has been the trusted mainstay of JCB’s soil roller compactors, and this feature continues to offer reduced servicing costs and increased durability on the 116D too.

To prove our JCB DIESELMAX engines’ durability, we’ve performed 110,000 hours of testing with over 70 different machines across the toughest applications and environments.

JCB’s pre-loaded shock mounts ensure precise control of pre-load in the drum isolation mounts. This provides a longer life as well as consistent isolation performance.

The JCB 116D soil compactor’s heavy duty frame and beams have been designed by advanced FEA techniques to deliver structural durability. The design has been tried and proven in extensive field trials and accelerated life test methods.

Servicing, Safety and Security

A JCB 116D soil compactor is designed for ease of servicing. All daily checks can be done from ground level on one side of the machine. The control panel is waterproof with IP 67/69-rated electrics.

All hydraulic, engine filters, fuel and injection system filters can be reached easily at ground level. The cooling pack is also easy to access and clean (optimising engine cooling), and the fuel tank can be filled and cleaned from ground level too.

A wide opening rear bonnet gives fast access to the engine compartment. The bonnet and components fit well within the profile of the rear chassis and are protected by it.

JCB’s global logistics and supply chain management organisation means you can always rely on rapid delivery of spare parts wherever your soil compactor may be.

LiveLink telematics means your JCB 116D’s security and operating statuses are always known.

Lockable diesel fill points are out of sight under the engine cover to prevent fuel theft or vandalism. Best in class visibility from both the front and rear of the machine.

Comfortably Superior

Operators can get to work quickly on a JCB 116D soil compactor because of the intuitive, easy-to-use controls, all laid out ergonomically and using industry standard identification.

The ergonomically designed and positioned steering wheel and console offer fatigue-free operation.

For the ultimate in efficiency, comfort and ease-of-use, choose our ergonomically positioned compaction meter.

Fatigue-free all-day operation comes as standard: JCB soil compactors are designed to offer very low noise levels. What’s more, by isolating the operator stand with 4 heavy duty rubber mounts, we’ve ensured class-leading low vibration levels too.

JCB’s compactor drum isolation system has been specially developed and tested to maximise the transfer of energy and dynamic forces into the ground, whilst keeping the machine frame and the operator isolated from excessive vibration.