Before you buy an excavator, you need to know it’s going to be tough enough to perform any job you ask of it. Fortunately, with a JCB JS205, strength and durability come as standard.

It’s more important than ever to save money and time; the JCB JS205 is designed to make the most of both. We’ve developed the JS205 to be comfortable, ergonomic, simple and intuitive to operate. Which is good for your operators but even better for you; after all, great ease of use equals great productivity.

The JS205 is also designed to be low maintenance and easily serviceable. This makes them affordable, efficient and highly productive. Helping you get the best service from your machine.



Heavy duty X-frame design of track frame.LC version available with strengthened idler area & doubler plates on X-frame for enhanced strength.

Arm sections are 12% deeper & 7% wider to provide higher strength. Damage protection plate and wear ribs are installed for protection from external damage.

IP67-69 dust & waterproof connectors for electrical harness for high reliability of Electrics.

Fuel Efficiency

JCB’s advanced hydraulic system has been designed for lower energy needs. This helps in reducing the fuel consumption by 10%, saving money for you.

Choice of Power (P) & Economy (E) modes :E : Economy mode – For fuel saving with optimum productivity.
P: Power mode- Increased engine power and pump flow for more productive operations when higher output is required.

Auto idler for fuel saving during engine idling at high speeds.


JCB’s innovative hydraulic regeneration system recycles hydraulic oil across the cylinders for faster cycle times and reduced fuel consumption.

The advanced hydraulic system also ensures excellent multifunction performance resulting in higher output levels.

Excellent bucket and dipper tear out forces result in higher output and faster completion of work especially in hard strata.

Maximum swing torque: 65.2 kNm.

Low Maintenance Cost

Special filtration system extends hydraulic life by up to 5000 hrs, with the hydraulic main return filter change intervals of 1000 hrs, which reduces maintenance costs.

Turbine type pre-cleaner assembly filters the dust particles and helps in increasing life the of air filter elements and life of
the engine.

Radial seal type air filter elements provide secure and error-free sealing.

Filter elements are covered with wire mesh to avoid damage to filter paper during storage, handling and cleaning.

High capacity fuel pre-filter with water separator- to increase life of the fuel system components.

Ease of Service

Compact and easy to handle bonnet is assisted by gas strut that helps in easy opening and closing. It makes periodic maintenance easy and effortless.

Boom end pivot bushes need to be greased at 1000 hrs thereby reducing maintenance costs and increasing machine uptime.

Fuses & relays are located inside cabin and are easy to access.

Safest Choice

Audio Visuals alerts for air filter blockage, low coolant level, high hydraulic oil temperature.

Servo isolator lever, override system & swing lock system for additional safety.

More Control

Service reminder – Reminds you when the service of your machine is due; the reminder helps you plan your work better.

Machine Data Backup – Helps to maintain the records of past services in an organized manner.

Machine utilization report: Maintains machine usage record and helps you analyse & optimise utilisation of machine.

GPS Tracking: Tells you the exact position of your machine on a map.

Geo fencing: Lets you keep your machine within the allocated area of work.