Spare Parts

The best way to maintain your machine’s performance and resale value is by using genuine JCB parts.

Pansar JCB is home to a selection of top quality new and used plant machinery that is highly effective for all sorts of industry areas. Of course, it’s important to remember that those machines, such as excavators and tractors require maintenance to keep them in good working order.

Quality JCB Spare Parts for your Plant Machinery

Whether your equipment needs a new set of tyres or needs new JCB parts; we at Pansar JCB can help. We stock a wide range of parts and spares which you can buy at excellent prices; thus ensuring you can get back to work quickly or keep your machine in top condition.

If you require top quality parts for your JCB machinery, get in touch or request a quote today.

JCB Filter

JCB filters are designed to work in conjunction with JCB fluids in JCB engines and component systems, to provide the highest standards of cleanliness and performance.

Service Fluids

JCB lubricants, such as JCB hydraulic oil and JCB grease, are designed specifically to work in conjunction with JCB filters in JCB engines and component systems.

Tracks & Track Running Gear

JCB Service offer comprehensive ranges of rubber and steel tracks and track running gear – each catering for the specific requirements of individual customers.

JCB Tyres

JCB’s attention to support expands down to the tyres. JCB offer an extensive range of tyres to suit your machine and application.

JCB Wearparts

JCB offer a wide range of wearparts to suit the full range of JCB machines as well as a large number of competitive models.