Backhoe Loaders

At more than 60 years of age, JCB’s iconic backhoe loader is as fresh and innovative today as when it was first conceived. Since the invention of the backhoe by JCB in 1953, we have continued to innovate, pushing the boundaries and providing real solutions to customer needs.

Today we’re the biggest selling manufacturer of 180s on the planet, with nearly half of all backhoes sold being a JCB. A large part of our success is that we’ve listened to what our customers want, and we’re always striving to produce the most productive, reliable and efficient machines on the market.

In tough market conditions, we’re also attaching importance to the things that matter most and can make a big difference to the success of our customers, such as versatility, residuals and fuel efficiency.

Our range-topping JCB 3CX Eco and JCB 4CX Eco, are quite simply the world’s most efficient backhoe loaders for typical duty cycles. TorqueLock provides a fuel saving when roading, and our EcoDig, EcoLoad and EcoRoad systems are designed to save you even more.