Knowing where your machines are and that they are safe and secure should be an absolute requirement for any fleet manager. With JCB Livelinks enhanced security package you’ll know via an alert when your machines are on the move and also how they are being treated.

By providing information on the location, movement and activity of machines, JCB LiveLink can assist in ensuring machines are operated at the correct times and help to protect them from theft.

  • Geofencing Alerts
    Provides you with vital early warnings that a machine has moved out of its permitted operating zone, providing increased security and control for machine owners
  • Real Time Location
    Allows identification of at-risk machines so they can be moved to more secure locations when not in use. Maps can be viewed in road atlas view or satellite view
  • Real Time Curfew Alerts
    Provides the machine owner with early warnings if a machine is switched on when it shouldn’t be.
  • Reduced Insurance Premiums
    LiveLink can help in reducing your insurance premiums. The system is recognised by many insurance companies as a valid security device, including JCB Insurance Services. When combined with a 3 star Thatcham rated machine, LiveLink can assist in claiming discounts of up to 45%, for more details click here