Fleet Management

With JCB LiveLink, managing your machines becomes even easier. Its ability to provide real-time information keeps you in complete control and lets you monitor and manage your machines remotely via a PC or Smartphone.

Through an online dashboard you get access to valuable machine statistics and data – providing you with information on fuel consumption, idle time and operator usage.

JCB LiveLink assesses the machine’s efficiency ensuring that your machines are totally productive throughout the working day and that any unwanted problems are highlighted and quickly resolved with your dealer.

  • The Fuel Reporting System
    Enables operators to see actual fuel consumption, improving control of fuel stocks and planning of fuel orders.
  • Accurate Hours Monitoring
    Leads to improved maintenance planning as machines can be maintained at the most convenient time for your operation.
  • Idle Time Monitoring
    Identifies actual machine productivity helping you to manage resources more efficiently and reducing wasteful machine idle time.